Dr. Nicholas Saviano provides chiropractic care in Belmont

Dr. Nicholas Saviano

Doctor of Chiropractic

Born and raised the son of a chiropractor in the Bay Area, Dr. Matt was able to witness the results experienced by the patients in his fathers practice, as well as be under care himself from a young age. Deciding to become a chiropractor himself while still in high school he completed the necessary prerequisite courses and enrolled at Life West Chiropractic College at the age of 19, graduating in 2019, as one of the youngest students to have received a degree from the school. Upon receiving his degree, Dr. Matt joined his father, Dr. David Wittwer D.C., in practice at Wittwer Chiropractic’s Bay Area location where he continues with the family tradition of serving patients.

Chiropractic Technique’s and Treatment

Initially incorporating the chiropractic techniques his father had used to help thousands of patients, Dr. Matt also began studying upper cervical chiropractic care, a gentle, specialized, chiropractic technique specific to the complex vertebrae at the top of the neck surrounding delicate neural tissue such as the brainstem. By incorporating this technique into his practice, Dr. Matt has been able to help patients who receive limited benefits as a result of the standard chiropractic care. As a result, Dr. Matt often became a go to referral for many doctors, chiropractors, and other health care professionals.

Dr. Matt’s Philosophy

Dr. Matt understands that negative structural changes can form in the spine at any age, years before symptoms will present. For this reason, Dr. Matt believes that being evaluated by a chiropractor is a necessary part of maintaining one's health and longevity for years to come. If you have yet to be checked yourself or know you are due for one, please click the link below or call our office to book your appointment with Dr. Matt. We look forward to hearing from you!

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