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In the United States alone, more than 37 million people suffer from migraines. Many of these people have no idea what is triggering their migraines or how to help prevent or treat them. Stop letting your migraines be a mystery. In the article, we will discuss the different stages of migraines, their causes, and your treatment options.

  • Low estrogen levels: Frequent hormonal changes can throw your body off balance, and often are the cause of migraines. If you are suffering from monthly migraines and they happen right before you get your period, it is possibly hormone related.
  • Hypothyroidism: Hypothyroidism is one of many things that slow down your metabolism. In turn, your circulation is slowed, causing your body to retain water. Because of this, your blood vessels and other brain tissues swell up and give you a migraine. If you often feel fatigued, hypothyroidism may be playing a role in your migraines.
  • Chemicals in your food: Nowadays, many foods contain preservatives, additives, food coloring, and flavors that can cause migraines. Aspartame, which is commonly found in Diet Coke, and MSG (monosodium glutamate) often are the cause of migraines.
  • Magnesium deficiencies in your body: Estrogen dominance is the number one cause of depletion of mineral magnesium in the body. Low magnesium levels can cause spasms in the brain, causing migraines and other harmful diseases in the body.
  • Intolerance to food and food allergies: Food intolerances such as lactose intolerance or other food allergies can often cause migraine headaches. It is imperative to rule out which foods are causing your migraines in order to eliminate them from your diet.
  • High stress levels or chronic stress: Stress takes a huge toll on your body you may not realize. It can cause headaches that turn into migraines, make you to eat unhealthy food that can lead to migraines, and keep you from sleeping, which is another trigger for migraines.

If you are wanting to conquer your migraine pain and help prevent your migraines, there are many ways to do so. Find ways to de-stress your body, relax, and get enough sleep. Make sure you are drinking enough water and not dehydrating yourself. Try a diet that will assist you in eliminating migraine causing foods. Make a list so you can keep track of what you ate that day, how it made your body feel, and whether it cause a migraine or not. Also, make sure you are consuming proper vitamins and minerals that can help prevent migraines. Stock up on your vitamin B2, fish oil, and magnesium.

If you are looking for more treatment options for your migraines, contact our chiropractor today at (650) 670-4050. You won’t believe how much an adjustment of the upper cervical vertebrae can be extremely helpful in relieving your pain. Here at Saviano Chiropractic Center, we pride ourselves on our advanced knowledge on dietary, exercise, and lifestyle tips. Let us help you start living a more aware and migraine free life!

Source: http://www.chiropracticcare.today/migraine-triggers-and-treatments/

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