Patient recieving myofascial release treatment for infertility

Most women who are going through infertility problems have researched the countless alternative treatments for infertility. Most searches will encourage acupuncture, dietary changes or even different uses of herbs. Here is another one to look into: Myofascial Release.

Myofascial Release sounds like an intimidating and complicated treatment but don’t worry! Most women describe Myofascial Release as a truly delightful massage. It all begins with your bodies Fascia. All through your body are connective tissues known as “Fascia" which tie everything in your body together. Your Fascia runs through everything you can think of such as your organs, muscles, nerves and blood cells. This spider web like material spreads throughout your entire body, joining and connecting your body as one. When our bodies are functioning at optimal levels, the Fascia is much more flexible, allowing your body to shift with little effort and making movements much easier. In the same manner, if you are experiencing inflammation in the body or have scarring and other similar issues, your bodies Fascia will begin to tighten and shorten, causing you to feel much restriction and diminishing peak function in your body, including your reproductive system.

This is where Myofascial Release comes in to save the day! Myofascial Release is performed by our chiropractor at Saviano Chiropractic Center and includes applying gentle massage and skilled pressure to release blockages within your Fascia. Our chiropractor will use considerably slow movements, stretching, and an experienced healing touch to loosen pockets of tension. This allows your body to return to a healthier state plus another bonus: stress elimination! Once the Fascia is released, the benefits can extend as far as full system restoration. Other benefits of Myofascial Release include a significant reduction of pain levels, a more balanced state of mind, and an increase in fertility rate.

While visiting our Belmont chiropractor that is experienced in Myofascial Release treatments for fertility, it is important to have an open mind. Myofascial Release massages by our chiropractor is always done with an individual approach and designed to treat a whole person rather than just specific symptoms or ailments. At Saviano Chiropractic Center, we’ve realized the “whole body approach" can be a bit of a shock if you are used to western medicine where certain doctors only focus on certain areas of the body. Myofascial Release treatment with our chiropractor is completely different, taking every connection in the body into account. If you are undergoing Myofascial Release for infertility problems, it’s likely you will experience tension relief in other areas of the body too. Our chiropractor can help you see how diminishing tension filled areas with Myofascial Release massages can improve function throughout the entire body.

If you live in the Belmont area, schedule a consultation with our chiropractor to discuss Myofascial Release and how it can help you. At Saviano Chiropractic Center, we suggest that doing one Myofascial Release massage every few months will allow time for treatments to begin making a noticeable difference in your life. However, the amount and timing of treatments will vary depending on each individual and their own body’s needs, which is why you should schedule a consultation. our chiropractor's Myofascial Release treatments will allow you to relax and let go of tension you may not even be aware of. Once trauma is removed from your body, your system can rebuild and begin to function at optimal levels and may soon lead to the pregnancy you are trying for.


Patient consultation with chiropractor
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