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Have you ever experienced pain or discomfort from stress related activities? Are those little aches and pains turning into fatigue and malaise? Have you experienced sudden pain from lifting something heavy, turning sharply? These two culprits, stress and inflammation have been called the mother of all diseases.

A safe and effective solution is available today. Ancient Egyptian and Chinese cultures discovered the healing benefits of Chiropractic, which have been perfected in America today. This age-old wisdom realized how to best harness the power of the body and internal organs. The simple concept keeps the nervous system free from blockages and lets you experience this ancient technology as a modern fountain of youth.

What can chiropractic do for you? The answer is: Everything. Why is chiropractic beneficial for babies to grandparents? These treatments keep all of your major organs at optimal functioning, which make the art and science of chiropractic at the forefront of optimal health and anti-aging medicine.

Let’s take a closer look at how and why you experience instant relief with Chiropractic adjustments. Viewing the human body as a futuristic city we can see how important our nervous system is. The central command station, headquarters, in this analogy, is the brain. It acts as ultimate intelligence and the ideal power station, connecting all of your organs to this wiring system. Just as in turning on a light bulb, your brain transmits messages by the millions, in the form of light-energy, to your entire body. You can see how important keeping an open power flow is when a wire is kinked. When the light bulb flickers, this means ample energy isn’t going to the light. Pretty simple, right?

What happens when a wire, or nerve, is “kinked" in your body? The same thing, the light goes dim. Although instead of a light bulb dimming, your connected organ doesn’t get the energy it needs for youthful functioning.

What’s more, in the futuristic city analogy, all the other organs are effected by this “dimming." If the wire remains kinked the light bulb will eventually go out from lack of electricity. The same thing happens to your connected organs. That’s why subluxation, misaligned bones decreasing energy flow to your organs, is called the silent killer.

Your organs send signals, just like in our city, when there’s a problem. For example when a fire bursts out, an alarm goes off for help. Our futuristic city sends fire trucks to the rescue. Our body also sends “fire trucks," to help stop the inflammation cascade from spreading, but it can’t take away the cause without some assistance. If the cause is spinal misalignment then a skilled chiropractor will help restore vital energy to your organs.

Our next destination in our futuristic tour is the heart and lungs. Together these two organs function as a modern air filtration system and massive pump system, delivering oxygen rich nutrients throughout your body. Stress and inflammation can affect the nerve flow to these two organs, as well creating problems in both systems.

The stomach and intestines act as a processing plant for raw materials. Our futuristic city takes all these raw materials to a central manufacturing plant to begin the mass-production undertaking. The digestive system supplies raw materials that are turned into body fuel. The digestive process also supplies the building blocks for cell development and repair. Have you ever experienced indigestion? It could be a spinal misalignment. A chiropractic adjustment could work faster than taking an antacid.

The liver processes the products of digestion, while also neutralizing harmful substances in the body. In our city, the liver acts as a processing plant, turning raw, or harmful materials, into useful commodities essential for a healthy body.

The kidney and bladder act as your body’s waste processing facilities. In our futuristic city the analogy is evident. Guess what happens when waste isn’t processed correctly? That’s right, pain and discomfort on a system-wide level.

Stress and inflammation definitely affect the body when the waste disposal facilities are out of balance. Did you know that intelligent chiropractic adjustments could even help kidney and bladder function?

Why do I call your body the city of the future? It combines wisdom as ancient as the universe with the precision of a modern jet fighter. All this is dependent on keeping your nerves “unkinked", as they supply energy to every single cell and organ. Chiropractic is a key solution to stress relief in winning the battle against stress and inflammation.

This deceptively simple treatment, a chiropractic adjustment, is intelligent since it combines the wisdom of ancient cultures perfected to fit in with our modern lifestyle. Chiropractic is also good for your pocketbook, which may give relief even more instantaneously than taking an aspirin.

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