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Airon G's 5 star Google review for spine adjustment

Dr. Dave and Dr. Matt have done a great job keeping my spine health at peak for over 10 years! All of the staff is super nice and helpful. Would highly recommend to anyone.

Airon G.
Belmont, California
Luis Miguel A.'s 5 star Yelp review for chiropractic after car accident

My dad and I were involved in a car accident. We found out about this clinic And decided to come to the office. We are healing really good and have been improving our bones. We want to thanks all the staff members.

Luis Miguel A.
San Mateo, California
Norma G's 5 star Facebook review for highly recommend Wittwer Chiropractic Center

After experiencing a fall, I received treatment from another chiropractor for several months, yet my condition did not improve. I found the Wittwer Chiropractic Center, and Dr. Dave's treatment helped me heal. It is always a pleasure to visit the office. Everyone is so friendly, welcoming, and professional. I am grateful for the treatment I have received from this Chiropractic Center.

Norma G.
Belmont, California
Tony Y's 5 star Google review for best chiro adjustment

You get to a stage in life where you learn to listen to your body and understand that pain is your body telling you something is wrong. I had been getting migraines regularly (twice a week, like clockwork) for months that would go away with two Advil extra strength, but it progressed to a tingling in the left side of my face/left ear. I figured that a misalignment somewhere in my skeleton was causing a nerve to give me these sensations, so seeing a chiropractor was in order.

Which chiropractor to go to was the biggest question. Dr. Wittwer ads appeared on my FB (probably because I was trying to buy a Theragun), with a $49 diagnostic special. I was a bit weary, but the positive reviews on Google convinced me to give it a try. All throughout the initial exam, I was on high alert. He was too nice and pleasant, and I felt that there was a big sale coming along. He even took x-rays, which I asked if there was an additional charge for (there isn't).

When I went back the next day to hear my diagnosis after reviewing my x-rays, he did an adjustment. Without any pressure, he asked me if I would like to buy 12 sessions and save some money. I took the offer and after seven sessions, I've only had a migraine once. The tingling in the left side of face/ear has also only occurred once. I believe that I am much more aligned after seeing the Doc and would recommend anyone with migraines, shoulder pain, back pain to consider going to Dr. Wittwer. It's worth the time and cost.

Tony Y.
Belmont, California
Nick S's 5 star Google review for tremendous treatment

Have been seeing both Dr. Dave and now Dr. Matthew Wittwer, over the last decade and have always received tremendous treatment and felt like family walking in each and every session greeted by Linda and the rest of the team. Recommend to anyone for both a professional and comfortable experience.

Nick S.
Belmont, California
Esra K.'s 5 star Yelp review for back and hip pain

Dr Wittwer has truly healing hands.

I had severe allergies, in the end couldn't even breathe without being short on breath, because of my severe allergies. Since I'm seeing Dr. Wittwer I have no allergies anymore, never used any allergy medications anymore since my first visit. Dr Wittwer is an amazing doctor, who truly cares about the health of his patients. He is always nice and makes you always welcome, he cares about his patients. I wish every doctor would be like Dr. Wittwer.

Also my back and hip pain went away. First time when I saw Dr Wittwer, I couldn't even sit from pain, couldn't stand. Now I can go hiking again, running and I'm so happy and thankful. I went in to see Dr Wittwer because of my severe pain and wasn't aware my allergies were linked to it, as well. Thank you very much for healing us Dr. Wittwer!

Esra K.
Pacifica, California
Tee D.'s 5 star yelp review for neck pain (subluxation)

I first went to Dr. Wittwer in ~2012, when I was in graduate school and he helped relieve acute pain in my neck (pinched nerve). I was very apprehensive about chiropractic treatment, but he came highly recommended by someone I trusted, so I tried it out. Dr. Wittwer did a thorough assessment and was very gentle and kind. I felt pain relief right away. Additionally, his prices were very reasonable, especially for a student.

One day in 2019, I woke up with significant neck pain (subluxation) and very limited mobility. Without hesitation I went back to Dr. Wittwer, because he is someone I could trust. This time around I was able to commit to longer term treatment and the results have been amazing! It honestly has been a game changer! Not only did the pain reduce early on, but my alignment has improved, and the rotation in my neck and spine has increased. I have a dance history and regularly attend yoga classes, so I am very flexible, but I had no idea how much my movement was limited due to issues in my spine/neck. Dr. Witter helped resolve the underlying problems. My posture has significantly improved as well! Additionally, the staff is very friendly and responsive. The clinic is very clean and pleasant. There is always parking, which is a plus. You can text, call, or email them to change an appointment, which is very convenient. I highly recommend Dr. Wittwer!

Tee D.
San Carlos, California
Debra M.'s 5 star facebook review for back injury

I have been a very satisfied patient for a long time. He diagnosed my issues and we devised a treatment plan that took care of my problems. I continue to see him as a maintenance plan and it has worked great! The most cheerful and positive health care practice I have ever been to!!

Debra M.
Belmont, California

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