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Mike F's 5 star Facebook review for HIGHLY recommend Chiropractic Center

I've known Dr. Dave for over 30 years. Been seeing him off and on for that entire time. He's helped me through many back injuries and has kept me healthy so I'm able to perform my job (mechanic) and enjoy my hobbies (cycling, weight training, working on cars). I would HIGHLY recommend him if you are having back issues or just need to keep your healthy back maintained. Thanks Dr. Dave!

Mike F.
Belmont, California
A B.'s 5 star Yelp review for low back pain

I have a very long history of low back pain and went through so many PT and chiropractors! It was rarely helpful and I had to quit every time. With Dr Wittwer I initially felt relieve in a few sessions. Now, I feel it instantly after one session. I also have to say, he is very flexible with appointments. He takes walk ins early am and he always has a smile on his face. Thank you for all you do Dr Wittwer!

A B.
Mountain View, California
Jesse T.'s 5 star Yelp review for best chiropractor

Wittwer has made my care comfortable and made the appointments even easier. I've been seen at other chiropractors and always felt more like a sale than a patient, and this place isn't like that at all. If you're in need, this is a great stop.

Jesse T.
Los Angeles, California
Rachael W.'s 5 star Google review for best Chiropractic Center in El Camino, CA

The chiropractor doesn't have to be scary! From the moment they answered the phone through to my first adjustment it was a very smooth and easy to understand process. The doctor, Dave, was incredibly patient with me and my jillions of questions. In turn, he set good expectations about outcomes and the lifestyle accommodations I'll need to make. The location on El Camino is also very accessible and there is plenty of parking which also helps take the pain out of your day, in addition to his healing work.

Rachael W.
Belmont, California
Natalia V's 5 star Google review for very stiff neck

I have been seeing Dr. Dave for a couple of years now. This week, my daughter who is 2 years and a half, woke up from her nap with a very stiff neck. It was to the point that she couldn’t put her head straight or turn to the right at all. She would turn her whole body to look. We called Dr. Dave and he immediately took us in to see her. He was very gentle and the adjustment he did helped her tremendously. By the next day my daughter could turn to the right without pain. Dr. Dave asked to see my daughter two days after the adjustment as a follow up. He adjusted her again and my daughter is doing amazing.

I am forever thankful for Dr. Dave. He is an angel and has not only helped me and my daughter but also my husband, mom and sister. He will work with your schedule and is always available. His prices are very reasonable and affordable. Also, his whole staff is amazing! They are taking all the necessary precautions during COVID so we all feel very safe seeing him during this time..

Natalia V.
Belmont, California
Aaron B.'s 5 star Facebook review for best Chiropractic Center

I've been going to Dr. Wittwer for over a month now and I'm very impressed with both his care strategies as well as how well my body has responded. He and his staff are top notch!

Aaron B.
Belmont, California
Michael C's 5 star Google review for chronic lower back pain

Dr. Dave is a miracle worker. I suffered from chronic lower back pain that came back often and was truly debilitating. After just a month of treatment, I was back to normal and haven't had any pain since! Plus everyone working in the office is super friendly which made it easy to look forward to all of my appointments. Highly recommend!

Michael C.
Belmont, California
Marie C.'s 5 star Yelp review for back pain

After my long time chiropracticor retired, I was desperately in need of a new physician. I was introduced to Dr. Dave in 2001 and have been with him ever since even though at one point I had moved out of the area for two years; I always came back to him for the perfect adjustment. During that time away, I had tried other chiropractors, but none were able to adjust me the same way that allowed me to have the longest time of pain relief that Dr. Dave provided. Dr. Witter is a compassionate and experienced healer and I would recommend him to anyone.

Marie C.
Belmont, California

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