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Susanna J's 5 star Google review for chiropractic adjustments

Dr. Wittwer’s entire team creates a place where I feel welcome, appreciated and SAFE!. Their Covid 19 protection protocols are apparent and truly reassuring. I can attest to the benefits of Dr. Dave Wittwer (and Dr. Matt as well). The chiropractic adjustments make such a big difference!

Susanna J.
Belmont, California
Deke J's 5 star Facebook review for highly recommend Chiropractic Center

Dr. Dave is not only a great Chiropractor but business practices are what make him the best of the best. There are no long wait times... His drop in practice allows me to come to his office for an adjustment on my timeline. The ability to go to the chiropractor and be in and out in 15 to 20 minutes is unheard of. He is both efficient and effective. I travel the united states and have been to many chiropractors in my time. Doctor Dave is by far the best!

Deke J.
Belmont, California
Andrea O.'s 5 star Yelp review for back pain

I started seeing Dr. Dave 2 months ago, when my back kept giving out during work. I am a dog trainer and have to move heavy agility equipment on a daily basis, however due to a subluxation in my lower spine, I was constantly injuring myself every time I bent down to lift or move things. My first time here, Linda spent an hour evaluating me with thorough notes, x-Ray, and figuring out exactly what was causing my pain. I have been on a tight regime seeing Dr. Dave 3 times a week and my back is feeling way better. I am also seeing a personal trainer to strengthen my core in conjunction to the adjustments. It's important to remember our health is our wealth at the end of the day! (The staff here are all friendly and very accommodating to my last minute schedule changes!)

Andrea O.
Belmont, California
uz H's 5 star Google review for chiro adjustments

Dr. Wittwer is a wonderful chiropractor who has helped me numerous times with different issues over the past 8 years. He is very experienced and knowledgeable and I trust him to do adjustments that are safe and really help. I'm now 9 months pregnant and just saw him to help me with alignment while carrying around this belly, and he did a great, gentle job. His staff is incredibly friendly and organized.

uz H.
Belmont, California
Erin G's 5 star Facebook review for back pain

I've been to a few chiropractors and none have taken the time to really get to know me and my needs. Dr. Wittwer provides amazing care and he and his whole staff go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and special. Couldn't recommend them enough!

Erin G.
Belmont, California
Bita H.'s 5 star Yelp review for highly recommend

Excellet Care & Service.

I am a firm believer of Chiropractic care, when I moved to Belmont, I found Dr. Wittwer, he is great, he is knowledgable and amazing to work with.

Every time I enter to the clinic, I am very well-comed and called by my name, every single team member at the clinic are super professional & very accommodating. I highly recommend Dr. Dave

Bita H.
San Francisco, California
Pano K's 5 star Yelp review for Chiropractic Center

Should have left this at least a year ago, but better late than never, right?! Dr. Wittwer and co. are great! Everyone is really friendly and for the most part you're in and out of there in no time. Once Dr. Wittwer learns your ailments, he works his magic to have you back at optimal health.

Pano K.
Belmont, California
Miles M's 5 star Google review for extremely knowledgeable Chiropractic

Our entire family has seen Dr. Wittwer and are huge fans of the office. All of the staff is professional and extremely knowledgeable.

Miles M.
Belmont, California
Scott S's 5 star Facebook review for back pain adjustment

Dr. Dave has helped me throughout the years with great adjustments. I'm also a chiropractor and bending over patients all day sometimes causes me to have back soreness. Dr. Dave keeps me well-adjusted and "subluxation-free". I also want to add that, when it comes to his recommendations for optimum health, he walks his talk, which is sometimes hard to find in a good doctor these days. Yours in health, Scott Sawyer, DC

Scott S.
Belmont, California
Freda S's 5 star Google review for best Chiropractic Center

Dr. Wittwer is very experienced & precise about what he does with your body. I've had him "tune-up" my back for years. The office runs like clockwork as well. Great people!

Freda S.
Belmont, California

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