Bell’s Palsy

I’d been suffering from Bell’s palsy which made it difficult to blink or smile which made me embarrassed about the way my face looked. It was difficult to attend class and I was unable to drive. After seeing my primary care physician and an acupuncturist, I turned to Dr. Wittwer. Since then, I have improved completely! I can blink, smile and do everything that I would normally do. Chiropractic care works. Dr. Wittwer kicked Bell’s palsy butt!

Belmont Chiropractors
Amanda G.

Couldn’t climb stairs

A childhood injury had pinched off the main nerve for my left leg. After 50 years, my leg began to fail. It became very difficult to walk, climb stairs, work or play golf. Since being under care with Dr. Wittwer I am 95% improved. I never want to go back the way I was before – ever. I am a complete believer.

Belmont Chiropractors
Michael L.

Low Back Pain

Degenerating discs in my low back and arthritis in my neck and spine made walking very painful and disrupted my sleep. For months I walked hunched over and very slowly. After seeing Dr. Wittwer, I’m walking like a normal person with no problems. I’m sleeping better and my neck pain has lessened. I truly encourage anyone with any type of recurring pain to come and see Dr. Wittwer. He has certainly changed my quality of life – definitely for the better.

Belmont Chiropractors
Joan W.

Entire left arm was numb!

I was miserable!! My left shoulder, arm and hand were always tingling and numb. I was unable to grasp objects with my hand. When I picked up an egg it would break because I was unable to grab it. I thought I was just getting old. I could only move my head a few degrees to either side. Dr. Wittwer showed me the cause of my problem, calcium buildup on one of my discs. After being under care with Dr. Wittwer, the tingling and numbness are gone. I can grasp objects and I have much more mobility. Chiropractic care broke down the calcium buildup without any pills or surgery.

Belmont Chiropractors
A. Hanson